How to participate in the World Choral Day 2023?

    • Live Traditional Concert.
  • If it is possible to hold traditional concerts in your country, register your planned event filling the subscription form below.
    • Live Virtual Concert
  • If it is not possible to hold live traditional concerts in your country, it is still possible to join World Choral Day with either a fully-recorded or partially-recorded concert wherein the WCD proclamation is read. You might even consider a live broadcast format. (i.e. A performance with no audience, recorded in an empty concert hall or rehearsal space.)
    • Virtual Choir Video
  • If it is not possible to meet physically and sing together, you can create a virtual choir video in which the World Choral Day Proclamation is read or inserted.
    • Video from a Previous Performance
  • You may participate in World Choral Day 2023 by sending a recording from a previous performance (recorded from 1 January 2023 onwards).
    • Individual Reciting the WCD Proclamation
  • For individuals who wish to take part in this year’s celebration, you may record yourself on video while reciting the World Choral Day proclamation in your own language!

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